Our Mission:

Digital Consent

We provide the simplest and most effective way to deliver valid and informed consent in dentistry. Our product is market-ready, fully compliant, and integrates with most practice management systems.


All the detail


Our aim is to provide the simplest and most effective way to deliver valid and informed consent. We have tirelessly worked with healthcare clinicians to develop Flynotes. Never have problems with your consent forms again.


Robust Documentation

All of your consent forms are stored digitally and are easily viewed at any point in time. Every interaction with the platform is fully audited, giving you peace of mind about what was discussed.

Seamless Workflow

Our system fits seamlessly into your clinical workflow, allowing you to spend more time delivering high standards of care without worrying about the quality of your consent.

Why personalise your consent?

We are not all the same, so why should our consent forms be? We all have different risk and benfits for procedures and this should be reflected in consent forms. Not only is this the ethical thing to do, it is now law after a landmark case (Montgomery Vs Lancashire) caused us to change the way we consent.

Improved Communication

Flynotes allows you to improve the understanding and retention of information patients are given about their treatment- the cornerstone of informed consent.


May 2019

Flynotes gives me total peace of mind, and provides a personalised, informed, consent process for the patient.